Apr 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
   I love seeing you again. Something about you makes me giddy. You are the start to a very laid back weekend. Thanks for stopping by, don't leave so soon!

Dear Trenton,
   I am so proud to call you my brother. This year was tough, but now I not only call you my brother, but my brother in Christ. There is nothing better to celebrate. You have become such an encouragement to me.

Dear Destin Commons,
   Us FRG gals had the perfect morning chit chatting away on your benches under the sunshine. I love meeting new ladies at these little gatherings. Military brings such different personalities together and it's fun to learn about each of them. I think I have a touch of counselor in me. I love learning how people tick.

Dear Orders,
   Hey....so could you announce yourself to us? I WANNA KNOW WHERE I'LL BE IN 4 MONTHS. You know, where I'm bringing my whole house? All my belongings..Maybe my sanity, too, if Nick is lucky ;). Just kidding, this life is kinda fun.

Dear American Idol,
    I honestly don't like you until top 10. But now it is Top 6. And I love you. Go Angie!!!

Dear God,
   Thank you for this season. Thank you for new friends who keep me busy. Thank you for old friends who got me through the hardest time and allowing us to stay close, even 6 months later. You are beyond faithful.


Have a fabulous weekend, ladies!



1 comment:

Amber McCormick said...

ORDERS!!! how exciting:) praying ya'll are placed where you want to be!!!!