Apr 17, 2013

Forget the last post- RESULTS ARE IN!!

Does God deliver or what? I hit publish on Monday and by 4 o' clock, my husband called me with the news. He had that twinkle in his voice. The "guess what" tone that I love so much. Of course, he wanted me to understand that we are in the military. Things change. That's what we want everyone to understand. 

That being said....the orders are in! We are "penciled in so we CAN be erased", as my sweet husband says. But he still gave me the go-ahead since the other guys might put it out there anyways. 

California, here we come!

PRAISE THE LORD. We are going to be in the U.S. for another few years. And in Southern California at that. I can say it now...It's exactly what we wanted. Every detail of what we wanted. The way God has blessed us is beyond words. I can't describe how we have felt His love in the past 6 months. You know me, I've already been hunting down houses.. I don't know many more details except that I will be moving (maybe by myself) between August and October. We will hammer those out once we get those papers in our hand. It really won't feel real until those papers are in our hands.

I had so much fun calling my family and friends with the news. My mom was delighted of course since there was a chance of over seas. I don't blame her at all. I loved squealing with my close girlfriends over the news. I am so happy to have friends who are so thrilled for us even though it's going to mean being 2,000 miles away. 

So, that's what has been the topic of discussion in the Bobo home for the past 3 days. I did start to have some feelings of being overwhelmed yesterday. When will I move? Will we find a house before we move there? Will we ship this car or that one? What moving service do we use? Should I stay in Florida until Nick makes it to San Diego? 

But Nick is a pro at giving me the look and telling me to stop worrying. It will work out. Everything will work out. It always does. God ALWAYS provides.  For now, I will take advantage of the most beautiful beaches in America and spend time with friends that I've made. 

WE"RE GOING TO CALIFORNIA!!!!(Unless God orders otherwise...;))



Lisa said...

You and your hubby should talk with the transportation office. Even if you're doing your own move, they can recommend moving companies to use for packing supplies.

Courtney Kassner said...

Yay! That's such great news and I'm so glad you will be where you wanted! What an answer to prayer!

Nicole said...

I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in your lives!

Mariel Collins said...

Oh my i am so excited for you all! All for Gods glory!

Amber McCormick said...

Yay!! California songs are in my head hahahaha
So excited for ya'll!!
I can always plan a trip to Florida to help move!! Just let me know!

Meagan Arthur said...

Yay United States! Yay California! How neat to see your faithfulness to the Lord and his provision in your life. He cares for us, so so amazing! Love reading your posts!