Apr 19, 2013

random talk- pictures of the pups

What a week. The big news of Cali has taken over this household. We have had so much fun looking up places to live and...well that's pretty much all we have been doing. We are also praying through buying a new (to us!) car. I love how much my husband knows so much about each car we look at, and if he doesn't, he makes sure he knows it by the next day. He is really doing the research on this. Makes me very comforted to know he is not a spontaneous buyer!

The last few days I have stayed with a friend who had foot surgery. We have pretty much laid on her couches and relaxed all day long. I know she was hurting, but I had so much fun taking it easy and watching Hulu all day with her. We have watched the series The Killing  at least 6 hours straight each day. I don't even know what to compare it to, but it has had us completely hooked. So many twists and turns, it's like a good book that you can't put down. Like a LOONG Criminal Minds episode (it follows one case in all of the episodes).

I snapped a couple of pictures of our growing Rosie Pearl this morning. Good news is that I found out her parents only got about 20 pounds. Oh that would be perfect! 

Unfortunately, we have decided that my big pup won't be able to come with us to California. I got Captain from the pound and he has been absolutely the sweetest dog ever. I know he will be happy being able to run around chasing squirrels and not being on a leash. It's going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I know he will be so happy at Mom's house. I really can't talk about it.. This is one of those military things that just stinks.

(Such a ladies man)

(He was a bull on our first Halloween)

(My sweet boy)

Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun!


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Amber McCormick said...

if you like The Killing, check out The Following! it's crazy!