Dec 27, 2016

Emmaline- one month

Adventures in the first month:

We had you!

Bibby came to meet you and love on Carter

Mimi and Pop Pop visited us for a week!

Lots of snuggles at home


Our girl. Just a month ago, we had no idea what you would be. When I asked, "What is it??" and the doctor exclaimed, "It's a girl!" in the sweetest way, I fell back into that hospital bed so at peace and so unexplainably thrilled. We have our girl.

After having a boy, I had no idea what being a girl mom would be like. You have added such sweetness and daintiness to our life. You are laid back and have a serious look on your face most of the time. When you get hungry, you start to grunt. You make so many noises and I'm still trying to sleep through them. You sleep great in your rock and play beside our bed. Lately we have been getting 4-5 hours of sleep at a time. Your sweet brother didn't sleep like that until he was a year (though he does nap 4 hours a day now- Praise Jesus!).

We spend our days nursing and passing you back and forth to hold, especially when the grands were here). You are pretty content unless you are having tummy trouble, then you seem like you might jump out of our arms. It doesn't last long normally. We are still figuring all this out together. You are a great eater and have gained around 2 lbs, we believe. 

Our first month was full of visitors, so now that its just us 4, we are really getting to know you. You are pretty simple. Eat, awake, sleep all day. Your brother is starting to love you. At first, he was a little distant, so I didn't push. Now that we tell him that you are crazy about him and think he is so funny, he likes to show off for you. He normally runs around the house to show you how fast he is. He says, "Clap your hands, Emmaline!!", so we clap your hands and say Go Carter! I know you and him will bond beautifully. 

I'm so happy that God saw us fit to be mommy and daddy to another baby. And I'm thrilled it was YOU. We are crazy about you, little girl. I'll have a friend forever, because I have you!

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