Jul 23, 2016

Life update/ Baby #2

I loved the couple of years I spent blogging about my time during pregnancy and the first year of Carter's life. This past year I just haven't had time. Now that I am over halfway with our 2nd pregnancy (Surprise!), I'd really love to spend an hour each month writing about this pregnancy/birth/and new life that will be arriving around Thanksgiving! This baby is so precious and I want to remember just like I am able to look back and remember with Carter man!

I miss writing and the joy that it brings me, but with deployment (that Nick's been home almost a year from) and just being Mommy, I spent my quiet moments resting or catching up on things around the house. We recently bought a house, I worked on my Etsy shop a lot the past year, and now I am working on growing a human. That about sums up my life since last July!

Carter is almost two! He is my most precious gift. The bond of a boy and a mama can not be written on paper. I feel it takes away from the greatness of that relationship. There is so much that we have experienced together. The one that makes you Mommy.... you just can't put those feelings into words.

So, here we go with a new addition to our family! Nick and I were so happy to announce and we can't wait to see our first baby become a big brother!

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