Aug 3, 2015

eleven months

I can't believe Im writing this right now. My newborn is eleven months.

Adventures in the 11th month:

-We are busy bees! We are always on the go! I have to PLAN to have a slow day at home.

-You've started swim lessons. Not the biggest fan but getting better!

- We said our tearful goodbyes to family in MS. Until next time!

-We celebrated July 4th and you showed us your camera grin! Its the funniest thing ever!

My sweet baby,

I feel like I won't get to officially call you that much longer. You are growing everyday. I'm amazed at what you know already. You are QUICK! You still use that left knee and right foot to cruise around. You are so happy and love socializing. You love to be out and about. You love people. You think all eyes should be on you. You're my little extravert. 

Our big word is "eh?". Its like your a little Canadian. All day long.. "Eh?..Eh?..Eh?". You babble non stop. You make so many noises, I can't even count. My favorite is when you poke out those lips and say "Doh Doh Doh". You fake laugh to get peoples attention. You REALLY fake cry when you want me to pick you up or I tell you to leave something alone. 

Again, sleeping is going well so lets not even talk about it.

You crawl out to our patio and play with all the fun things out there. Rosie is coming around and liking you more and more. She wags her tail overtime you come into the room. We are learning to be gentle with her (and other babies). You get so exited and flail your arms around and hit things. We are working on that too. Especially when its my face.

You eat everything. I still can't believe you only have 2 teeth. That doesn't hold you back at all. Thats our go to when I need to clean the kitchen (or have 5 seconds). You drink from all kinds of slippy cups. You can chug some water. We nurse 3 times a day since you are so good with food and water.

You wave bye bye and when I say "where's Carter?" you put your hands on top of your head (you missed the memo of putting your hands over your eyes) and you keep them there until I say, "There he is!". Bath time is still a great thing. I have to keep the washrags away from you since you suck the water out of gross. Im a water snob and bath water makes me want to gag when you drink it!

I love your from your head to your toes. This past year we have learned so much. I'm not the person I was a year ago. I've learned to function on little sleep. I've learned priorities and that I can say no, and that a simple life exceeds an extravagant one. We take one day at a time, especially through the more difficult ones. Also, naked babies are happy babies. Mostly Ive learned what it means to sacrifice completely for another human being. I wouldn't do it for just anyone. It makes me that much more thankful for Jesus. The pain he endured for me was more than I will ever bear. The way a baby will break your heart is a feeling a can't explain. I love you so much it hurts. It hurts to think of you getting older, more independent. It hurts that you love me so much. But its the best hurt that Ive ever felt. Eleven months ago, my heart released feelings and emotions that I didn't know I had. I love you because you are you. You're my favorite baby.

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