Jul 20, 2015

ten months

Carter is the big 1-0 months!

Adventures in the 10th month:

-Spent much needed time in Mississippi.

-We survived the heat.

-You began eating everything that I do.

- You gave us your first belly laugh. Your great daddy was the first to get it and it was the most wonderful noise!

My most precious boy,

I can't believe we are in double digits. They have brought new meaning to our life. 

Your personality is shining. You love people. You are so happy when we are out and about. You grin at everyone and still will go to anyone that wants to hold you. If you do cry as I walk away, its because you are overwhelmed, which means you are probably tired. You are my loud talking baby boy. We say all kinds of things..Da Da, Ma Ma, La La, Na Na, Ba Ba. But mostly Da Da. 

You eat everything. Cheese toast, graham crackers, most vegetables, most fruit (blueberries especially), turkey burgers, chicken...you name it. Most meats I pinch off, but other than that, you are a champ at chewing. I never even flinch at what you can eat. You love yogurt! I would say its the last thing Ill ever feed you with a spoon though. You'd rather feed yourself. And you normally always take a poop break during your meal. Always a show. We nurse 3-4 times a day and you can go a very long time in between now, thanks to food!

You pull up on everything. We still have the one knee- one foot scoot going on. You've stood by yourself a few times, but you didn't know it. You climb up my legs to stand up most of all. Ill be fine if you wait until after a year to walk, but I don't think that will happen. You are a mover. From the time you wake up to the time you nap or sleep, you go 100 miles an hour. I play by yourself great. I try not to disturb you when you do that. I think its healthy for children to learn to play alone. Builds that imagination. 

You love bath time, though now you just stand at the side and throw toys out. Apparently the noise I make is hilarious when you do that and worth testing. You are a dream in your stroller. You are so curious about this big ole world and you just take it in. I love watching you learn. Our favorite thing is bouncy balls. You squeal when you play with them. You chase them all over the house. Thats what got your first belly laugh too. 

Lets not talk about the sleep because its actually going well. Ill leave it at that.

Carter, you are so special. I know that I'm your mom, but you amaze me. You are so smart and have such  sweet and social spirit. I have a feeling you have an extrovert side to you. I look at you and wonder what I did before you. Its a love I can't explain. I love the family that you have made us. You give us so much joy. I feel the bond we have and Im so proud of it. Even those whiny tugs at my legs pull on my heartstrings. We are in for some fun times as you grow. This age is so demanding, but its so joy filled and fun. You understand things. You have begun to know what no means and stop when I tell you to stop. You give me that little mischievous smile and I just try to keep a straight face while my heart flutters. I love your outstretched arms as I scoop you up. I love your huge smile you give me for no reason at all. I love how much you love me. Its a confidence builder for sure. I would say stop growing, but there has been so much joy that comes with each new week. I think you are pretty wonderful. Ive never known exhaustion or love like this. They kinda go together and the love cancels out the exhaustion. You make me love your daddy even more than I thought I could. He loves you so much. You light up every time you see him. I can't wait to see what kind of little boy you will be! Remember how much we love you. I don't think we will ever let you forget.

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