Jun 25, 2015

nine months

Im only a month late on posting this nine month update...It means I have a crazy life with a 9 (now 10) month old right?

Adventures in the 9th month:

-We celebrated Mother's day!

-We walked over the Coronado Bridge with your friends Henry and Sam!

- You survived your first MOPS conference. You were the perfect baby!


Month nine was full of so many new things for you. You became unstoppable. You easily made your way around the house. You chased Rosie and tried to share your food with her. You pulled up on the couch, and soon after, you began walking along the edge. I can't believe how fast you pick up your new talents. 

You weighed 17 pounds 10 ounces. You have always been on the smaller side of those percentile charts, but you have definitely picked up weight since your 6 month check up. We have been easily eating different foods since then, so I knew you would gain quickly!

You still go to everyone easily. I am so thankful for this. The doctor said you might begin showing signs of separation anxiety when I take you to the nursery at church or even leave the room, but I haven't seen that yet. You are always told what a happy baby you are. Its so true. You still only cry when you are hungry or tired. 

You love all foods! Ive started letting you eat whatever Im eating and its made our life very easy. You are so happy when you eat and when you are done, you rub those eyes with all that food on your hands to tell me that you are done. 

You say da da easily. You say ma ma when you are tired or whiny. When I say "Where's Rosie?" you look around. She is pretty neat stuff in your eyes. When you get excited about something, you suck in air as much as possible and screech with joy! Opening the front door does it every time. I can take you outside and set you in the grass for 30 minutes and you are just as content as can be. 

Our most fun outing is story time at the library. You still seem a little overwhelmed but I caught you clapping when the music was playing. You love watching all of the big kids sing and dance. 

I have so much fun taking you places. Every day is more joyful than the last. I love our days spent together. There is nothing Ive ever wanted more than to spend special moments with you! You're my joy and I love you so very much!

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