Mar 16, 2015

swimming, swaddles, and a blue eyed boy

Carter is asleep, Im sitting enjoying my portable air conditioner and silence. Well, the a/c is pretty loud but the sweet air is glorious! I feel like I really haven't sat still long enough to think in the past 2 weeks. Warmer weather came and its gonna be a hot one, folks. I thought it wasn't going to be so bad since Im not pregnant this summer, but I really think I'm wrong. Here we are March 16 and it feels like July (to me). Being a fourth of a mile from the Pacific ocean, you would think we wouldn't need an air conditioner. Well, thats what people in San Diego think. They are wrong! Thank goodness the pool is open and actually warm enough to get in, but cool enough to help the situation. 

I have a new friend and she is from Mississippi, also. You know our southern personalities jived instantly. We will be baking cobblers together in no time. We ran in a 5k last week on base. Kiddos did great! 

I am so glad I got this picture. Yes, thats my 6 month old all swaddled up. No, tonight he is not. Two nights ago, he finally made it clear he is done. I was strapping him in and before I could snap the second strap, he rolled over and went to sleep in his crib. Naps and sleep time have been a free little babe, rolling around in his crib. Waking up, putting his paci back in by himself, and falling back to sleep on his own. 
And I just teared up.

By the way. aden and anias Easy Swaddle. Its my number one baby item to give now. We used it from almost Day 1. I wish I had used it from exactly Day 1. They snap and they don't velcro! How are these not popular yet??

We watch the neighbor kids play in the afternoon. One day, little man!

Now these are my favorite times. Normally around 5 30 am he beckons me to grab him out of his crib. I have been hopping us both back into my bed for another hour or two of sleeping. When his coos finally start I know its time to start the day...meaning we lay in bed another 30 minutes while my eyes are half open and he tells me about his dreams. 

I think we have a blue eyed bouncing boy! 

That left eye is still a tad bit swollen. We had a run in with some mean ole baby sunblock yesterday. I think he had a touch on his hand and it rubbed in his eyes. It was red and swollen so this is 10 times better. This trial and error stuff is hard work, I tell ya.

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