Oct 15, 2013

Shower for Everit

It's an unreal feeling when one of your best friends is having a baby. Are we really at that stage in our life already?? Weddings, babes, house building...that's what our worlds consist of right now. It's scary but so so fun!

This weekend a couple of us girls threw a baby shower for our friend Kelsey! It won't be long before we get to welcome Baby Everit to the world and we wanted her to have time to enjoy celebrating his life before the craziness begins! Even though we can't wait for the craziness to begin!!! I think the shower went great and Kelsey got some fun goodies for her sweet bundle of joy!

 This super cute handmade hat by one of the girls!

 The soon to be grandmas! Can't wait to hear what your names will be!

 Highschool, weddings, now baby showers!

 The lady on the right has the cutest new house I've ever seen! 

And just because I finally got to see my friend Hillary!

We had so much fun visiting and gobbling up breakfast goodies! It was a blast and now we are all waiting not so patiently on Everit's arrival! I love you, Kelsey! So thankful I get to see this journey begin in person! He is loved by so many already!


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Nicole said...

Beautiful! You did a great job!