Oct 16, 2013

Anniversary Questions

Yesterday I posted our first anniversary pictures and decided to wait until today to share the questions I had gathered a couple of weeks before our anniversary. Since Nick and I would not get to spend that day or night together, I went ahead and sent him a card and 13 questions so he could open it on October 7. He really liked the idea and was ready to discuss them over the phone that day! I convinced him to wait until that weekend so we could see each others reactions as we answered the questions out loud. 

We answered the questions as though the other were asking them. It was such a good exercise for us. I never want to be the married couple that gets awkward when the tough questions come up. And I want those tough questions to come up more than every few years at a marriage conference. We laughed and blushed over these questions. I knew that I felt so much love and respect for Nick, but I found out just how highly Nick thinks of me as well after a year of marriage. I can't wait to see how the answers change over the years (No, I'm not posting our answers). We found out we really enjoyed this and I hope you might too! It's good for anytime of the year.

 Anniversary Date at Flight in downtown Memhpis

1. Do my actions show you that apart from Jesus, I have no higher love?

2. How well are we serving together?

3. How well am I encouraging your spiritual growth?

4. How well am I maximizing the time we have together?

5. How is our prayer life together?

6. How well am I supporting you to grow in your gifts and skills?

7. Are we disciplining our children well together? (My answer was "I hope our children listen better than Rosie")

8. How well am I caring for your friends?

9. How is our physical expression of our love?

10. What can I do to love you better?

11. What is our biggest accomplishment?

12. Three Words to describe this year.

13. What was our most fun outing together?

That's it for the anniversary portion my blog this year! Being military really makes you realize that the dates don't matter. It how you maximize the time you have together. This life is too short to be unhappy. Our prayer as a couple is to always out serve each other. 

Have a great day! I'm on the way to see Nick in Gulfport then.....WE ARE HEADING TO CALIFORNIA! I'll be back in about a week until the final move. We will hopefully have a place to live this time next week!



Katie said...

Yay California! I hope the trip goes smoothly for you! :)

Emily Stewart said...

Yay for California! Hope the move goes well and just so you know, the weather out here is fantastic so you will not be disappointed! :)

Nicole said...

These are great questions! Did you come up with them yourself or did you find them somewhere? Makes me want to go ahead and think of a list for March!!

Claire Voss said...

The questions are an awesome idea! It's so great to always be accessing how well you are serving each other and serving The Lord. I hope Jon & I can openly ask each other the same. Praying for your new home! I hope everything runs smoothly!:)

Katherine Newsom said...

Those questions are really good ones.. Do some digging. From everything it looks and sounds like yall had a wonderful anniversary, and so many more to go! What a blessing! Good luck on your road trip and move. I am looking forward to meeting you one day - and praying the move goes smoothly! By the way- I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, so check out my latest post about it! So excited for you!!


Haylee said...

Great questions! Thank you for sharing. :)

Jes said...

I love this! I'm definitely saving this for future use =}

It was so nice to meet you today!