Sep 11, 2013

Moving Day Approaching

As we get closer and closer to the moving day, I can't help but feel a little sad. This was the best year of my life. Marriage wasn't as hard and scary as everyone said it would be (Note to self- Don't try to scare a bride to be! They will be getting married whether or not you tell them how much they will hate picking up dirty underwear). I got to wake up and not have to wait on a Good Morning message from Nick. We were able to do church together. Be lazy on Saturday afternoons. Plan for a date night then decide we didn't want to move off the couch. We bought our first puppy together. We fought about whether to put her in the kennel at night (They are a dream to deal with later on if they sleep in their own beds at night time! Nick finally agreed). We persevered through tough moments. Moments that made us so much stronger. We prayed together. We laughed and laughed and laughed together.

I know in the tough days ahead, I will look back and feel comfort knowing I was able to do real life with my husband. I had 11 months with him before training took him away for the first time. I love looking through pictures over the past year and already thinking, "We were so young!". Marriage makes you grow up fast. My thought process works completely different. I check in with Nick before decisions are made. Sometimes he even says, "You know my answer will be yes so why do you ask?" It's my way of being submissive. It's a habit being formed. It gets us using our little unseasoned brains together. That way when he is gone, I will feel confident in the decisions that I have to make.

Life is changing. Big things and small things. If I could break it down for you I would. It's just a big whirlwind right now though. It literally looks like a tornado has come through my house. I feel so sad seeing empty walls. When I hand over that key, I will see this page turn and end this chapter of our story. There is something exciting and exhausting seeing the new chapter coming our way.

This has definitely not been my most encouraging post. But it's the real chain of thoughts coming through my brain and straight onto this screen.

Any PCS tips are welcomed today. I just learned that if I don't take the lightbulbs out of my lamps, they won't pack them until I do. Geez Louise. Give me a break. I'm planning on having food for the packers and movers. We will see if that smooths the process!

Happy Wednesday!



Emily C said...

I just found your blog through bloom:) I saw that you are moving to San Diego & will need a home church. Friends that I grew up with moved there & are starting up a church so I thought I would drop the info:) Rise City Church launches on October 6, 2013 at 10am at Hill Creek School. I don't know if it's close to you but I know they will do great things for the Lord. Praying for peace with your move & your church hunt:)

Katherine Newsom said...

Nice to see another post from you! You wrote this really well. We just passed 2 years of marriage, and every day is a learning process. And as some say, love is easy, marriage is hard. That's a lesson we've really learned lately. Anywho, moving is always a process but you sound like you got it down and are ready for the next adventure! If you would like to get together once you get out here (you are still going to San Diego right?) just let me know! I know Oceanside will be a drive for church from yall, but while looking for a home church check out Lighthouse Christian Church - we love it! I knew some couples living in Virginia drove an hour to DC for church every week - you gotta do what feels best!