Jun 7, 2013

spaghetti and waffles plus a few letters!

Happy Friday! My legs are aching from my workout classes this morning! I was joined by a sweet friend here. It was so nice to know a face in the gym! We had fun but we will probably be texting each other about how sore we are in the morning!

 My computer has been fussy this week and I just haven't had the patience to deal with it until now. On Tuesday, Rosie baby had her "no future babies" surgery. It hasn't affected her at all. She is jumping and playing just as much as she always has. She would have made some pretty puppies, but with all the moving that we will do, it just didn't seem practical to breed her. Plus I would have kept them all!!

I figured I would  link up with Ashley with Friday's Letters since I'm feeling a little empty on words this week. My mind is just feeling a little blank. A lot of small things are happening around me and sometimes I need to process it through my complicated brain before I put it on paper. Oh the joys of a woman's mind. We are spaghetti right? Men are waffles? That's what Nick insists on telling me all the time at least.


Dear Friday, Thank you for getting here so soon. You are the most exciting day of the week. I can't wait to get you started, because that means it is closer and closer until Nicholas gets home. And then we will most likely sit on the couch all night. Marriage makes the little things really exciting. Dear Tropical Storm, I'm not nervous, just a little annoyed. Saturdays in Florida are for playing in the sun. That's the plan, don't mess it up. Dear Rosie,  You have been a trooper this week. You've only cried a couple of times. I milked the fact you needed to heal on Wednesday and decided we needed to be very lazy since you "didn't feel good". You're still the cutest dog I know, shaved belly and all. Dear God, You are BLESSING this bible study. It is the most amazing thing to watch a group of strangers come together and share their heart. Thank you for adding new ladies to our group each week. I love our little melting pot. Dear Nick, 8 months of marriage today. How time flies. You are so good to me. I can't even describe it. I am so thankful for your heart, your patience, your leadership, and just you. I love spending my life with you.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting this little place of randomness. I hope you have a great week!

P.S.- My Netflix watchers! What is your favorite tv series that we can get started.We just finished an awesome crime/suspense series and I am being so critical of every other show on Netflix now.



Heather Marie said...

Congrats on 8 months of marriage! I just got married in January, and it has been so AWESOME!
Hope the storm doesn't get ya so you can have an awesome weekend!

I just found your blog and now am following via blog lovin'!


Mariel Collins said...

Happy happy 8 months! How exciting! It truly does fly by:) What series were you guys watching? We've been looking for a series on netflix too!