Jun 10, 2013

crab island and oreo balls

Hey ya'll! Hope you are having a fab Monday! This gal has been deep cleaning the house all morning/afternoon. I am renting a carpet cleaner tomorrow and my friend Lauren is coming over to keep me company while I get the carpet in tip top shape!

This weekend was so much fun. We spent Saturday on the water with our Navy guys, and then of course had to cook out that night. I love our little "family" and all that these boys (and one girl. Anna, you are my favorite!!) mean to us. They keep me laughing and I know that I can trust any of them with my life. They request Oreo Balls for every get together so I made a double batch this time. YUM! My new friend, Lindsay, also came over to hang out with us. She joined our bible study last week and I can tell we will get along just fine! Here is the weekend in (mostly) pictures!

 (Crab Island)

My husband learning how to Instagram. He posted his first picture Saturday! You should follow him here!

 The cutest baby we know! Kyra and her parents lived with Nick when she was first born (before we got married). Nick is crazy about this baby! And I'm crazy about watching him play with her!

 These boys act like kids when we get together. They keep me laughing for sure!

 These are THE Oreo Balls. I took pictures of the "making of" so I will get that to you all soon! So yummy. So easy. Big winner.

  The girls and their bows. And our creepy friend, Scott! ;)

 Look at that. Josh wore a bow as well.

 And just because....well, you know my feelings about this pup.

So thankful for my life. Tonight, we are chowing down on chicken tacos that I smell cooking in the crockpot as I type and sitting on our bootays. Sounds glorious, huh?

Talk to you all soon!



Nicole said...

SO much fun! I always love seeing the pictures of you guys hanging out on the water. It looks so gorgeous!

Mariel Collins said...

Those puppies are so cute:)

Emily Stewart said...

What is better than watching a grown man play with a baby AND oreo balls?! Probably nothing. I would definitely say you hit the jackpot on weekend fun :)

Chelsea Phelps said...

Those oreo balls look beyond amazing and that pup is just too much cuteness!