May 5, 2013

Sunday Social- Favorite Things

Happy Sunday! We enjoyed a morning of worship at The Village Baptist Church in Destin today. Afterwards we had lunch at Jim N' Nicks since Nick was craving some BBQ. Now for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Maybe a trip to the dog park since Rosie was so cute playing with the other dogs there yesterday.

I'm linking up with Ashley and Neely for "Sunday Social" today. This weekend's topic is 4 Favorite Things (There are 6 questions!). So here we go!

1. 4 Favorite things to do on the weekend

Beach time, obviously. Even though we haven't in the last 2 weeks! Boo on that! Naps on the couch. Nick thinks its strange for me to nap in the bed, so I'm trying to learn to enjoy couch nap times. Date nights. We make a point to have dinner at home on the weekdays for our budget and waistlines. Non- cleaning days. Ok I do pick up on Sundays to get ready for the week, but Saturdays have been my non cleaning day. I haven't even meant for it to be, I just get lazy!

2. 4 Favorite Things about my best friend(s)

I'm using my bridal party since I had 4 of them and well, they really are my best friends! That's why I chose them of course!

Kayla- Cosmetology school introduced me to my maid of honor and there still is hardly a day we aren't on the phone together! I miss her so much, but these miles haven't drifted us apart at all; they have brought us closer! One of the many favorite things about her is we started our friendship in beauty school, and I had the honor of doing her hair when I was in her wedding!

(Cosmetology School)

(Kayla's Wedding day)

Kelsey- This girl and I have been through so much. Summers at basketball camp, staying up all night at her house, singing "Push It" by Salt N Peppa in the car as loud as we could. My favorite thing about Kelsey is the closeness no matter what the season of our friendship. We still share the most important things to each other even if we haven't talked in a year (which has never nor will ever happen!)

(Probably 11/12 grade? How cute were we??)

Ashley- We became friends during my time in Starkville, MS. My favorite thing about Ashley is her loyalty. If you happen to make friends with Ashley, you will have a true friend for life. I can't wait to spend some time with her this summer!

(Lingerie Shower at The Melting Pot)

4. Stephanie- This is my "from diapers" friend! She was my proxy at our wedding. Our moms are bestfriends so it was pretty much meant to be for us! My favorite thing about Steph is the BEST memories we make every time we are together. "What's a BP?!?!" My bridal party will get a kick out of that quote from rehearsal night while we were getting lost on the way to my rehearsal dinner. Yes, you heard right. A story for another day. Steph is starting nursing school in Jackson, MS, and I am so excited to get to see her more this summer!

(I love looking at these two photos together!! So special)

3. Four things you would do with 100,000 dollars.

Tithe, savings , our children's college fund, travel money to see family (we might be overseas at some point). Boring but I'm a safety spender.

4. Four favorite books you have ever read.

This is tough. I read my bible everyday, but it's more than just a book to me. I would say Redeeming Love- Don't ask questions. Go straight to the bookstore and get it. Now. Safe Haven- Not into Nicholas Sparks like I used to be, but its a great book! Wild at Heart- Wanna know why your man is the way he is? Read this one. Nick gave it to me to explain why he was joining the military. Crazy Love- I need to read this one again. It was awesomely convicting. Definitely a one a year, at least, read.

5. Four favorite snack foods.

Chips and salsa. I definitely consider that a snack. Gummy bears. Pop corn. Oranges.

6. Four things you must do daily

Quiet time, check email (blogger...fb...instagram...sounds like a problem, I know), wipe down my kitchen. Dirty kitchens are the WORST. Take the pups outside (unless it's rainy, then I stand at the door and hope they don't run away).

This was super long, but I am waiting on Nick to go to the dog park. So that's my excuse!

Get some rest today! Tomorrow starts another work week! Have a good one!  




Nicole said...

What fun questions! I love how special your relationships with your bridesmaids are. And I love that you and Kayla have gotten closer through the distance!! That is definitely a blessing and so rare. What a sweet friendship y'all have!! PS... can you believe your wedding was over 6 months ago??? That is wild!

Kayla Tow said...

OH Cosmo School!! So many fun memories. So glad I have you in my life.. Even if you are a Bazzilllion Miles away ;)

Mariel Collins said...

Naps and date nights are our weekends too, if not busy..which are truly the best kinds:) And YES redeeming love is AMAZING!

Ashleigh said...

I LOVE Jim N'Nicks! Those cheese biscuits are amazing! :)

Sam @ said...

I am so happy I just came across your blog! I am moving to Pensacola at the end of the month and starting to get super nervous/stressed/anxious. Its nice to see someone who has done all that and made good friends down there!