May 14, 2013

mother's day weekend recap

I have been the worst blogger ever. But something about going home just makes me want to get away from the internet and be able to focus on my family. I just had zero desire to write up a post. Guess I'll learn to have some on file to post on vacations. Learning slowly here!

I'm going to make this a mostly photo post because I took SOO many pictures that I want my family and friends to see. 

We left Tuesday at lunch and had the BEST time together on the road. It really was just fun. Plus we got to eat at Newk's Cafe while passing through Hattiesburg, MS. The closest one here is in Pensacola so I was super excited about getting my half salad/ half sandwich fix.

Our first day back in Mississippi, we shopped and ate at Kubla Khan in Southaven with my family. That night we made our way back to our great family friends' boat in Sardis. The Dukes are family to me. Coach Dukes has been like a dad to me since high school.  I'm so thankful for him and Diana, and the love they have showed me over the last few years. I miss them so much, so it was great to be able to spend time with them. The sky was BEAUTIFUL that evening. We had BBQ and Chocolate Lasagna. I ate my helping plus half of Nick's. DELISH. The rest of the night was of course taken up by Trivial Pursuit. Coach Dukes is the smartest man alive in my eyes (can you tell I'm crazy about that man??). I cherish those nights with my favorite people!
 (Nick and Taylor)

 (Trenton and Jessica)
 (My fam!)

Thursday, Nick and I split ways and spent some time with our families alone. I honestly couldn't tell you what Nick and Taylor did, but I am sure it was mischievous. That's what brothers do right? I spent the day at mom's work and then Mom, Trenton, and I had dinner at Windy City Grille in Como, MS. 

Friday we went to Taylor's graduation. That will get its own post this week, seeing as I already have 40 pictures in this one! It was a sweet ceremony and fun times with all of Nick's family.

Saturday morning was laid back just how we like it. We showed Rosie the chickens and horses at Nick's family's house. They have BEAUTIFUL property. Perfect for watching a sunrise. You can see how pretty it is in the pictures below. I made a little photo shoot out of Saturday morning. Nick was thrilled.

(Rosie is the ultimate puppy. I want to have this much fun!)
 (Nick and his dog Brodie)
 (Excuse the hair, and the random sunglasses I found!)

 (Thumper in her favorite place, the flower bed!)
 (Nick's mom is raising Quail! They are so cute and only about a day old here! I want to write a book about Rosie's day on the farm!)

The Mother's Day lunch was so yummy! We had Strawberry AND Chocolate cake for dessert made by our grandmothers. To die for. I'm having food withdrawals from eating massive amounts at each meal last week. You would have thought it was Thanksgiving or Christmas. We had fun celebrating the mamas in our life. Nick's other set of grandparents weren't able to make this lunch but you will see them in the graduation post coming soon! It was a busy/lazy day if that makes any sense at all!

On our way home, we made a stop in Jackson, MS, to see my oldest friend. I have known her since we were babies. Her and her family have lived in FAyetteville, AR, since I have known them. That has made it tough to see them as much as I would like. Carol, my mom's bestfriend, is another mama to me and Steph is like a sister. We have so much fun together and its like we see each other every day. We both were past of each other's weddings which is sooo special to me. I can't wait to see her more when I pass through Jackson on my way back to MS! 

(Us with our "babies", Rosie and Madison! Can't wait for pictures together when the real babies come!)

That was super long and probably super boring to some people, but I know my family and close friends enjoyed it! This is what this blog is about. To share my heart, yes. But this blog is for the special people in my life to keep up with us on this journey! I can't wait to look back on these sweet days!

Thanks for stopping by!



Claire Carwile said...

Such a beautiful family!
I'm glad y'all had a wonderful time! :)

Courtney Kassner said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! And such beautiful scenery! I love the puppy pics of course!

Alyssa said...

The puppy and the baby quail!! Cuteness overload!!!! Looks like so much fun :) :)

Lauren said...

I live in Southaven! Too fun! I'm glad you had such a fun weekend!

Kayla Tow said...

Great pictures Vic! My super jealous I missed out on that strawberry cake :/