May 17, 2013

friday's letters

Well, that week went fast. Every time I get home from traveling, it tends to do that. I let myself get a little anxious about a clean home. Okay...a lot anxious. Random? Well, I left my house still for a week to go back to Mississippi and dust has its way of accumulating. I was talking to Nick the other night about it. I do NOT get pressure from him to keep a clean house. It's totally coming from me. And when I say clean I mean perfect. Now that I stay home, I feel like I HAVE to have a perfectly kept house. If I don't wipe down the bathroom counter, I feel like I've failed. Goodness, how silly can I get? The enemy is here to steal, kill, and destroy. Yes, my job is to keep the home. My job is not to be so OCD about a speck of dust that I can't even function. My job is to glorify God. I am not thinking about how blessed I am while I'm obsessing about those darn fingerprints on the microwave. That's a problem. 

Lord, calm my heart. 

On to lighter, more important things than a clean home...Linking up with Ashley at for Friday's letters.

Dear Sunday, Get here quick! I'm ready to have belly laughs with my best friend!

Dear Rosie, You're kinda attached to me now and I secretly like it. I know, I know. You need to be ok with everyone, but how cute is it when I hear your just following along after me through the house. I'm making your daddy give you treats more. That chicken I gave you yesterday probably didn't help. Oops.

Dear California, You are probably number 1 hit in the google search engine with the way I've been researching you. I can't wait to explore you in real life. I may or may not be making a binder of things I want to do when I get there.

Dear Nick, I can't wait for our date tonight. I don't know what we are doing yet, but it'll be fun because its with you. (It ain't easy bein cheesy, ya'll).

Dear Bath and Body Works, Don't tell Nick yet, but we are making a fun stop at your place tonight. It's too wintery around my house. I need summer scents!!! I mean, its hard to smell the beach when you are 10 minutes away ;). I've gotten some suggestions on some blogs I'm following, and I can't wait to be a copy cat!

Dear Computer Geniuses- So when a blue screen pops up and then automatically restarts my computer...that's not a good thing, right? Please don't die, my little HP!

I hope your weekend is fabulous! I plan on going to a couple am workout classes and check out some garage sales! What a fascinating life, I know! 




Lauren said...

Blue Screen of death! Get it checked out, pronto!

Buy some awesome stuff at the garage sales! One of my favorite pasttimes!

Allison said...

Just found your sweet blog from the link up. :) Your pup is adorable!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

Love this :) And I adore Bath and Body Works!!


Katherine Newsom said...

My computer does that too..Gives me like a 2 second weekend that it's going to restart when Im in the middle of homework! Also thanks for giving me the idea of Bath and Body works, Ive gotten some air freshener plug ins but its not near enough summer scent for our little home :)Hope you're enjoying your pup and exploring your soon to be home! Excited for you to get here!