Mar 14, 2013

this week

Hey friends!

Hope you have had a wonderful week! This has been a busy one and I can say that I am so very ready for a weekend on the beach with my husband. We have lived in Florida 5 months, and I am the palest I have ever been in my life. That just doesnt make sense. I have been non-stop checking my weather app for 2 weeks and tomorrow starts the 70 degree perfect weather that I have been waiting oh so impatiently for! I know when that hot weather hits, I'll be begging for a cool breeze. For now, I just want to get my vitamin D from something other than the milk in my fridge.

Earlier this week, we finished up with the bible study that I have been going to at FBC in Niceville. What a blessing it was. If you are ready for a new bible study, I so suggest Priscilla Shirer's, "Discerning The Voice of God". It has made such a difference in my quiet time and daily life.  I don't think you can do this study and it not make a difference in your walk with The Lord. I'm so sad it is over, but I totally plan on doing this one again next year!

 I made two very special friends through this study. They are also military and we just fell right in sync with each other. Beach days, shopping trips, coffee drinking, and camping in the wild have made my homesick days melt away. I am so thankful for you, Lauren and Krista (Click here for Krista's blog). Lauren and I have fallen in love with Krista's sweet daughter, Camylle! We will miss them as they start their adventure at their next duty station next month.

I love Camylle in this one. Such a sweet girl!

This week, we also got a visit from Nick's brother, Taylor. We were so excited to get to spend some time with him and eat some yummy beach food! Taylor brought along four of his friends from home and they ALL stayed at our house on Saturday night. It was so much fun to cook breakfast for a house full of boys. They joked that this might be in my future. I would thank God for all boys, but oh how I would love to have frilly dresses and enormous lace bows running around our house! ;) We ate at the Crab Trap Saturday night and The Back Porch last night. We didn't want Taylor to go back to Mississippi. Here are some of the pictures I forced the boys to take on the beach!
I just want to say I love driving 10 minutes and this being our view. So thankful.
Have a sweet week!



Nicole said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This makes me so happy. I know your blog is going to bless your life so much and bring so much glory to Jesus. Welcome to this sweet "world", friend!

Amber McCormick said...

Victoria!! I am so grateful for all your help as we begin this blogging journey:) you are such an amazing person! Have a good day:)