Mar 20, 2013

Quiet Mornings

Quiet mornings are my favorite. It's me, Rosie, my Bible and my journal all piled up in the bed. Normally, there is a little discipline time as we get settled since she is still only 13 weeks, but we are making progress. She knows what NO! means, but I think she likes to make sure I will remember to say it when she tries to use my hand as her chew toy. She tests me big time. Baby steps before we start having babies, right? 

I wanted to share a something that stood out in my quiet time today. I have been following SheReadsTruth since I moved to Florida. It has been such an encouraging tool that I have added to my study time. One of the verses we read today was Psalm 131. "Childlike Trust in the Lord". Do I have childlike trust? Or am I sitting closer to "16 year old teenager that wants to do it on my own then run to my mommy when things get tough". God wants us to rely on him completely. Yes, I can lean on him in the hard times, but I want to have a relationship that in EVERY situation I am faced with, I remember Him. I don't want to say, "I know I haven't spent much time with You lately, buuuuut please help me!". I want to get so close to Him that I don't have to go through the list of people who I can call for advice and then say, "Oh wait, let me spend some time with my Father and see what He has to say". I need to let it be Him first! I love when He shows me how simple it can be- childlike trust. 

I want to share a couple photos of what has been going on with us this week. Beach, puppies, and unfortunately saying goodbye to military friends as they move! Does that make me an official Navy wife? I think the marriage license did that, but it is just now feeling real.

We felt like college spring breakers with all the kids on the beach.

Rosie watches Captain out of this window whenever she is inside with me.

 "Where's more eggs?"

We had a mini easter egg hunt (actually 3 easter egg hunts) yesterday while I kept Camylle. Lauren came over and we got to spend time with her before they move next week!

Talk to ya'll soon!



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Nicole said...

Really thankful that you shared. Such encouragement for me for the season that I'm in. Thankful for your blog, friend!