Apr 13, 2014

My late 20 week update

Surprise surprise, I'm late to post! Last week and weekend took every bit of energy I possibly had in my body. Our moms came into town Wednesday to get ready for the gender reveal party!!!! So there was that plus my body decided to get sick the day of the party, of course. But thanks to my Doterra oils, I wasn't sick for long. So here is my 20 week update! (Im 21 weeks today).

(In love with this dresser we got on craigslist and redid! And all before Mom and Mrs Jan left so they got to see it all finished! It looks a little more blue in person and I am just loving the result!)

How far along? 
20 weeks- Halfway there!

Baby size?
We've got ourselves a little banana! Yum!

Carbs and sweet stuff. Before I was pregnant, I of course loved dessert (I'd rather have fries), but I never thought of it on my own…like craved for it! I got some low in sugar popsicles so my body doesn't completely go down the drain. I'm also LOVING the coldest thing I can find. I don't know if its just super dry here or what but I am an angry thirsty most of the day. And water is barely doing the job. An icey sounds like heaven to me right now!

Not really. Weird coffee smells. Cough cough- Mom, when you drink butter toffee coffee ;)

Ya'll….I almost don't want to tell you. But. I haven't had a headache or migraine in a week and a half. I'm almost waiting for one to hit today because I shared this news. Out of breath also. Also, being careful during workouts to stay off my back and only stick to planks and core movements for abs. 

Happy! Tired still! One day this week I actually didn't take a nap and I was very impressed with myself!

Looking forward to?
My centering program appointment on Tuesday! This is my first one since I was late getting on the list. I go to these instead of a 15 minute appointment with my doctor. The centering program is a team of nurse practitioners, midwives, and doctors that hold a 2 hour group appointment. It's not all "share the love" I promise! You have belly time, which is just you and the doc or midwife, so it is somewhat personal which is the only thing that concerned me at first. You then go to a group of ladies whom you are with in these classes until birth. You are all around the same delivery date. This is the time where questions can be asked and you find out way more than you ever would in a 15 minute appointment.. Im sure ladies will ask questions that I never would have thought of!

I know a lot of people want their doctor ONLY through out pregnancy and especially birth. Just like everything else in the military though, I'm learning I will have to be flexible. When I deliver at Balboa, I will get the team on duty. It could be my doctor or not. But I trust that God will provide whatever needs I have with whatever doctor or midwife is in there. I'm not nervous or feel loss of control. It's not like we humans have control anyways ;). I know God will take care of me and I am praying for the team that delivers us already. It makes me very relieved I do not have to be in control. If I didn't trust all the doctors at Balboa, I wouldn't go there. But I do and I am excited to see how it all works out!

What's new?
We had our gender reveal (a long post on that coming soon) and WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!! Our hearts are full. We will have our Carter arrive in late August and we can't wait! 

Nick this week?
Did you read above? He is over the moon!!!

Waiting in Wonder Memory Verse
My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body
Psalm 139:15-16



Lisa C said...

Hard to believe you're over halfway done!

Jasam Caldwell said...

Congratulations on the baby boy! That dresser you got from Craigslist looks so good! Craigslist is awesome! I need an office table. I should probably see if there's some available in San Diego that I would like!


Chelsea Phelps said...

Your gender reveal was precious! Love the name Carter too!! Congratulations on a sweet little boy!


Katherine Newsom said...

Yeeee!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YALL! I absolutely love the name Carter for a boy and seriously am probably going to steal how yall revealed the name to your moms. You are precious and are looking good for being halfway there! Loved being able to go to the reveal, thanks for inviting us!! Cant wait to see you and everyone else soon at the brunch :) Love this group of ladies!

Claire Voss said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you guys! Congrats again! Can't wait for more updates.:)