Oct 31, 2013


Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

In church, we were given a prayer list to pray over this week before we begin Spiritual Emphasis (or Revival). As I sat and drank my coffee, I read the first day and looked up the scripture.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The world has taught me that the poor in spirit are those who (insert whiney voice) “Eeevvvvverything has happened to me….I can’t catch a break.  I need someone to feel sorry for me”.  But that’s not what Matthew 5:3 explains.

My bible notes explain to me that “poor in spirit” is a good thing. It is humility. Deep humility. It is knowing the danger of being apart from God.  One who is poor in spirit is completely opposite of being self- sufficient. Uh oh. That one stung.  Yes, I trust God, but what about in those stressful situations that I just need to figure this one out on my own?? Nope. If you are a child of God, those situations are when you get down on your knees and throw those hands up, giving it to God. It’s so hard, but so completely necessary. Do you really want to figure out your life on your own? No, thank you. I know God has good plans for me. He wants me to depend on Him. He wants me to be so aware of Him. He’s not like me, getting really nervous when someone is depending on me for happiness or stressful times in their life. Here is the great thing…He doesn’t get nervous.

So all that being said. I am broken. And joyful. Broken because during this move, I want to depend on me (watch out, anyone in my life. My attitude will probably stink). But this morning, that word, “self- sufficient” hurt. It hurt because that’s what we are taught. I naturally want to be self- sufficient. So this week I am praying for a poor in spirit attitude. Funny how he shows me this almost a week before I move to California. That’s where the joyful part comes in. I’m praying that my heart will be prepared, so that I naturally depend on God. Not me. 

That is what that verse gave me this week. It will probably show me something different next week. I would love to know how God has spoken to you through that verse. This book really never gets old. It has something new for us every day!



Claire Voss said...

Ahh, thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad God is faithful in revealing Himself to you through His word. It is indeed very humbling to recognize the need to be poor in spirit, especially since like you said, the world encourages such an opposite attitude.
It's funny to me that you and I are experiencing moves at the same time. This is day 3 of Jon and I sharing our first little apartment.:) It is amazing (and scary) to me the temptation to automatically fall into the habit of making lists and focusing on accomplishing those on my own. I look forward to growing in my obedience in being exactly where The Lord would have me each day instead of where my list tells me to be.
So excited for you!

Claire Voss said...
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