Oct 22, 2013

Day 2- Katy, Tx- Tucson, AZ

Day 2 – Katy, TX- Tucson, AZ

Day 2 was our long haul day. We started around 9 am after breakfast at the hotel. We made it to San Antonio, TX, in fairly good time and it was right around lunch so we took a long break there. Let me say, I want to go back there! What a neat little town. We visited the Alamo and snapped a few pictures that you might have scene on Instagram or Facebook.  I really enjoyed that part of town. So much history and I learned a thing or two having Nick by my side.

We hopped over to the Riverwalk and we were pleasantly surprised. That is the neatest spot to walk around and eat lunch or dinner! A littler river runs through the middle of all kinds of different restaurants. We felt the need for Mexican that day and decided on Rita’s on the River. We shared some delicious nachos since driving doesn’t make us all that hungry. After we were seated we looked down to find some little beggars…you would have thought the ducks were doggies. They just waddled around and snagged a bite from tables around us. So funny!

We walked a little ways more and Nick decided to grab a shake from Hagen- Das. I probably drank half of it because it was definitely addicting. We decided we needed to head back on the road since we had 13 more hours of driving ahead of us.

We drove and drove and drove and drove through Texas. When a friend asked how the progress was going, I told her I guess we were going to live in Texas because it never ends. Seriously. It’s big. When Mom and I make our way to CA in a few weeks, we are taking a different route. Saying all that, we really saw some of God’s neat creations. Lots of mountains, mesas, and moonlit sand dunes. Stars are different around this part of the country. And the moon. Oh, the moon.

We drove through the night and FINALLY made it to Tucson at 12:30 (we were feeling the 2 am Central time). My mom and grandfather JUST HAPPENED to be staying there for a Navy Reunion that my granddaddy attends every year. It was such a little blessing from God because there I was feeling far away from home again. Having Mom there helped so much and I felt mentally and physically ready for Day 3.  We stayed the night and Mom, Grandaddy and his brother Robert left early that morning to go back to MS. 

It was a fun day and we made lots and lots of memories! Day 3 was my favorite, not just because we made it to San Diego! I can't wait to share our pictures! 


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Katherine Newsom said...

Yay so fun! I absolutely LOVE the Riverwalk! It is even sweeter to experience it all lit up during Christmas. Especially with the bowl game season, the teams and coaches and dance teams all ride down the riverwalk in one of those boats to celebrate and get pumped for the bowl game the next day. Its a cool experience! The market is the best too! Some of the greatest Mexican food I've ever had was at that market in San Antonio. And I know how you feel about driving forever through the state, it took us 2 whole days to get from Houston to Tuscon as well on our move. Texas has the prettiest skies as well -we miss that so much! Hope the last leg of your trip went well - sure sounds like it!! Happy house hunting!!