Jul 12, 2013

our first little reunion!

Hey y'all!

I don't mean to keep posting so late in the day....but that's just what happens sometimes! Do you remember when I talked about my first military wife goodbye? (You can read it here)...Well, last night we had our first reunion! Haha! Ok, that sounds silly, but when you immediately click with girlfriends, there is nothing sweeter! I am so happy that Lauren didn't move away or I might have gone crazy! She has been SUCH a blessing to me this whole time in Destin! When ya click, ya click!

The Hulls were back in Destin for a mini family vaca...might I add, they were just blessed with a new baby girl! So I got to see little Camylle and baby Molly! That couple makes some pretty babies! Anyways, we met up for dinner at the Back Porch in Destin and went outside to the beach afterwards for some pictures. It was so good to get us 3 girls back together! I wish we could end up together again, but at least we have cameras and facebook!

I so wish I could upload the video of Camylle that I took! But sometimes the computer and me just don't work well together. Learning here..

I had the best time with my friends! I can't wait to see them again!


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Lisa said...

We used to eat at the Back Porch when we vacationed in Destin (lived in AL). And I love milspo reunions. It's always good to see old friends!