Jun 29, 2013

The Engagement Story

  It's been one year. On June 29, 2012, Nick asked me to be his wife. Here is our sweet little story.

I woke up Friday morning and did my normal routine. Another day of not seeing my boyfriend. By this point, I was fine with it. Not thrilled, but fine! He was in California getting ready to head to Florida that day to start his training. Who knows when I would get to see him again.

For some reason (Thank you, Lord!), on this day I decided to dress a little "better" than what I was normally wearing to work. I was working at my family's business so I wasn't too worried about how my make up looked or if my hair was all out of place. I just so happened to be going out to eat with my friend, Kayla, that night. She's always cute, so I felt like maybe I should put in a little effort just for the heck of it! I sent Nick a picture of my outfit of the day (it's a long distance thing...don't judge). Ya'll, he told me later that when he got it, he showed his friend and said, "This is what she will look like when I propose tonight". Ugh....just melt my heart why don't you?

So, 5 o'clock hit and I was ready to see my friend! We were going to my favorite place in the world! Kyoto's in Hernando, MS. By that time, I am a little out of it from work that day, so I didn't notice all the signs. Like how funny our waitress was acting. I think back at Kayla trying to cover by saying,"Well, she is awfully bubbly tonight". That still makes me giggle. Or the video camera that had been set up earlier that day. Or how they led us back to a certain table with me facing the opposite way of the entrance.

We were towards the end of our dinner about 45 minutes later and some friends from church walked in with our Pastor and his wife. They sat at a table close to us and we chatted about how Nick should be flying into Panama City about now. About 5 minutes, Nick's brother and one set of grandparents walk in. I was so surprised to see them and just thought this was the craziest thing that so many people I knew were walking in this place! I look up again and here comes Nick's parents. No one is talking to me at this point. I just have my close friends and family staring at me. I almost got a little insecure at why no one would talk to me!

Then.....I see my brother walking towards me......and then my mom and grandparents. They will kill me for saying this, but I saw that they were half way dressed up and I knew. 

I was at such a loss for words (and control of my legs!!). I sat down and looked at Kayla. I whispered...WHAT IS GOING ON??? She smiled and the best expression I have ever seen just took over her face. She did this little quick nod and I just started crying. Besides the actual question, that was my favorite memory of the night.

There were so many people there in that room. So much was going on, but I was just looking for Nick. Out of the corner of my eye I saw WHITE. Complete WHITE. It was the literally the best sight I have ever seen. My sailor was walking towards me for the first time in months, roses in hand. 

I'll let the pictures show you the rest.

Everyone asks me if I knew he was going to do it. We talked about marriage but I didn't know when, how, what.....no details. I didn't even know he was in Mississippi! I'm going to brag. He planned this whole thing and picked out my ring. He did good, ya'll. Apparently, everyone knew but me! Just how it is supposed to be, of course! I am so thankful for so many friends and family who love me so much and made that memory so special. I have always dreamed of having friends and family at my engagement. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. And that Nick knew it meant so much to me.....I could go one about my husband for days.

 This picture means more to me than any other. I can see how much my brother loves me here. So much happened that year in our family and this just....I can't put into words the emotion that was in this room. God's hand was all over this engagement.

The one who had this night under control! So thankful.

I should have known what was going on when she was making me get my nails done the day before!

The rest of that weekend was a blur. He had 36 hours in MS and then had to head to training. We spent that whole weekend just soaking in our moment. We had the date picked out and my dress appointment set by the next morning! Barely 3 months to plan a wedding on my own (with help of friends and family of course!). It was the best 3 months ever. Stressful? Yes. But possible.

If I could go back to that night, I would in a second. I still tear up thinking about how special it was. Nick did the perfect proposal. But it was my proposal so I'm a little biased ;)

Here is a link to the video my pastor took of the night. It is sideways, but the original is on my brother's computer in MS. And I completely forgot to get him to send it to me!

I know this was long and detailed but this one deserved it! I'm so glad I married a man who is sweet, considerate, and very creative! He always makes an effort to make me feel special. I can not put into words how I feel about him. The funny this is when I do think about our engagement, I feel like I didn't even know him then. I guess that is what marriage does to you. It gives you a real view into their heart. 

So thankful that THIS will be the story I get to tell my babies one day.

Thank you for reliving our proposal with me!



Nicole said...

Love that you shared y'all's sweet story!!! Nick seriously blew this one out of the water and the pictures make me so happy!! I think it's so fun that we get to share the excitement of this day!!! Happy engagement anniversary, friend!!

Mariel Collins said...

Oh my what a sweet story! He is a sneaky one (in a good way) pulling this all off:) plus you reminded me I never talked about our engagement!

Courtney Kassner said...

This is SO sweet and SO special. I felt like I was there after reading it and looking at the pictures. You two are the cutest!

Lauren said...

How thoughtful is he? I just am SO glad that you shared this! Love it!

Claire Carwile said...

:) I love love love this post. <3

Heather said...

This is so precious!!!! He definitely did a wonderful job with the whole engagement :).