Jun 25, 2013

Babies everywhere

None of them my own or soon to be my own!

I feel like we are beginning to be at the age where everyone we know is starting to begin the most exciting stage of life. Babies! One of my best friends is due in November, Nick's best friend has an five month old, I see new FB updates all the time with those precious black and white ultrasounds showing new life... It makes my heart happy!

We have a few cuties that come along with their mamas to bible study each Thursday. Last week, a couple of us stayed behind after we finished Beth Moore's Esther video and had a little photo session with Savannah. She is such a happy baby. She thinks everything she sees is funny and definitely had a ball watching my Rosie baby. I love sitting around with experienced mothers. I am soaking in all the info I can before we have a baby. I know I'll never fully be ready, but it's fun to talk about things like diapers and late night feedings.

I was so proud of Rosie. She loves babies and is very gentle around them. Every now and then she leaps but only because she is playing and wants to be as close as she can...as quickly as she can. We are working on that and she improves every time. We are always working on self control in the Bobo house.

Sunday, we had some more visitors! I just love Destin in the summer!

Nick's best friend from college was in town for a beach vacation with his family. Calvin and Juliana have a sweet five month old and we have been dying to get our hands on that chunk! Jake is a CUTIE. I love getting to see Nick with babies. He is a NATURAL. I think he has the instinct just as much as I do. 

We got to visit with them at our house and then we headed out to a local favorite, Dockside Grill. No pictures of the restaurant, but it's on the top of our local favorite list. Nick loves their fried catfish, and me, being the carbaholic that I am. gets the shrimp basket just for the fries! Yummy! We also decided last second, thanks to Calvin, to get dessert! Nick and I had the Meltaway Brownie a la mode and the Reynolds had the Bread Pudding a la mode. Can you tell that I'm back to my "eat clean menu" with all the details about the food that I'm putting into this post. Two weeks and it gets easier....right?

Today, a new friend and I are going on base to talk to the office who handles PCS (Permanent Change of Station)  about our big move. We are both going to be in Imperial Beach. I was so excited to finally meet her at the PCS class on base last week! It'll be nice to have a familiar face when I am thousands of miles away from Mississippi!

Hope your week is going well!  Talk to you all soon!



Nicole said...

I love seeing a little update from you!!! Why do your friends have the cutest babies!? I love it! I bet y'all have so much fun! And such a positive that Rosie is good around them. It will make it so much easier when y'all have one! I had to laugh at your picture last week when you said that you always have baby fever...meanwhile I'm avoiding it like the plague!!! Hahahaha

Chelsea Phelps said...

I definitely have the fever too! It seems like everyone that got married the same year as us is already pregnant! There are definitely better times than others with the Navy so we are trying to be smart, but it's hard to wait!

Emily Stewart said...

Ditto to what Chelsea said. Baby fever is among us! I just have to remember to be patient since the fever has not spread to the husband yet. And yay for your move to San Diego! You're going to love it :)

Allison said...

It is definitely that time of life isn't it?! Babies everywhere! Such a sweet season of life though.

Molly said...

Baby fever is definitely going around these days. I love seeing friends become mothers, but it feels a little weird to see people I went to high school with babies