Apr 26, 2013

practice makes perfect

So, I was very unthoughtful in my last post. I didn't let you in our our most exciting event of the whole week! Does anyone else think about what to write so much and then think back on so many big things they left out? That is SO me. Our dear friend and wedding photographer, Jon Sharman, was in town earlier this week to shoot a wedding and visit his dad. We got to catch up over a yummy dinner at the classic Johnny Rockets. But what was even better is that he offered to meet me before and show me what the heck to do with my Canon Rebel. I literally have point and clicked without getting off that dang green auto setting. You have probably already realized that by all my pictures I post.

Anyways, I learned more in 45 minutes with Starbucks in hand than I have in a year of reading "Canon Rebel Tips from the Pros" on Pinterest. Plus, if you know Jon at all, you know I had a ball just listening to his funny comments on any topic that we happened to be chatting about. I wish we could take engagement/ wedding pictures everyday. He was definitely one of the biggest blessings on our wedding day! Jon, I hope my photos don't embarrass you, but I have been practicing! Go check out Jon's page here. Let him make your day awesome! I can promise that he will! You can go look at our wedding day with the link on the right sidebar of my page!

Yesterday was such a special day. A group of girls gathered at my house to begin Beth Moore's Esther study. Oh. My. Goodness. I am sitting here teary eyed just thinking about our first meeting. A bunch of military gals who have never met before, and it was an immediate connection. All around. I can't get over this military lifestyle. I get to be friends from ladies from all over. Germany, Texas, Canada, Tennessee...the list goes on and on. It is so special. I just can't describe the feelings I have about it. We chatted, watched the into video, laughed, stuffed ourselves with chicken salad and coffee, and just got to have girl time. I mean we didn't call it quits until 2pm- we started at 9:30! Love that detail! It makes life a little easier when you have friends who love Jesus. Seriously, great group of girls. Two of the ladies brought their sweet babies. I can't wait to get to catch baby fever over the next 9 weeks ;).

 Thankful sums up my heart today. I can't wait to see where God takes us during this study. I was a ball of emotions yesterday. I wish I could find the picture of a few years ago when I did Esther with another group of girls. I was saved during this study so it and those girls have a very special place in my heart. They gave me the sweetest gift at the very last session. My bible I still use today. I'll have a hard time moving on to a new bible, but I think I still have a few good years left in this one.

 Kayla, Nicole (click here for her sweet blog), and Caitlin- Ya'll were on my heart so much yesterday! I love looking at your names in the given by slot at the front of that book. Ya'll are still such sweet friends. Thank you for your hearts and your friendship! I would go back in a second and do this study with you all again. Maybe one day! :)

Hope your weekend goes by slow! Have a great one!



Ashley said...

I feel superficial asking this-but I mad heart your charger chalkboard. Is it DIY?! So super cute!

Nicole said...

Makes me heart so happy. :)

JPShar said...

Ahhhhhhhh, you totally made my day, I MADE IT ON YOUR BLOG! :) And your photos look really good, I like those blurry backgrounds! It was great to see you guys, thanks for sparing the time and pretending I'm funny! :)

Claire Carwile said...

Oh my goodness!
I just LOVE this post!
It gives me such hope.
I will marry my Army man in September, and begin our life of travel together. Serving together.
I feel so blessed for the opportunity, but so clueless at the same time.
I hope to encounter the body of believers in a whole new way, but particularly my sweet sisters in Christ.
Can't wait to follow your posts on the study!
Praying God reveals so much to you lovely ladies!

Kayla Tow said...

:) That was one of my fav. studies.. and the car ride home was alway a good time too. I'm missing those days!