Mar 25, 2013

update on the weekend


Happy monday ,ya’ll!

This weekend was mostly a slow one. That’s what we strive for on weekends. Nick is normally ready to do nothing but take a seat on our couch by 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon. I had a pretty busy Friday though, so I was fine with that!

I’m learning that in the military, you make friends just like you did in kindergarten. It’s so simple that it is almost too scary to do. But do it! It works! Here’s what you do…..Walk up to that wife you see (or probably have seen on a military wives group on Facebook) and say, “Hey my name is ________. Do you want to be friends?”. Ok, it might sound more like, “We should totally hang out during the week when hubs is in school! Want to come over on Thursday?” And then you do. Like, you actually go through with it because it is the only way to get out there and have that girlfriend bond you NEED.

So after that whole spill, that is exactly what happened on Friday! One of Nick’s classmate’s girlfriend was planning on coming over while I baked a cake for the FRG Easter Egg Hunt. I’m so glad she did because I got to know her without all the guys around to bug us : )! I can tell we will get along juuuust fine! Anyways, I had met a girl on FB wives group a couple weeks back and invited her to the gym for a class and then to come hang out with us afterwards. We had so much fun sitting around and talking about everything girls can giggle about in 4 hours.

Saturday, we slept in. We didn’t work out. We ate Mexican. It was fantastic. We did accomplish finishing my little DIY project I have been setting aside for 3 weeks. They turned out just how I wanted! Here’s a few pics (I’ll post more of it all put together on our table after Easter!)

Homemade Salt Dough Easter Napkin Rings in the making. Couldn’t have finished without my husband to bend metal with his bare hands. GRR!!
Eek! Can not wait for Easter! Mom and my brother, Trenton, are coming down for the weekend and I am very excited to see them.

Sunday, the FRG hosted an Easter Egg Hunt on base. It was a GREAT turn out and ended up being a huge hit! I’m so thankful for the FRG leaders who put so much effort into this event! I snagged some photos from the day!
IMG_5161IMG_5172IMG_5186 Can I take her home with me??

As, you know Palm Sunday was yesterday and the beginning of Holy Week. Each year, as I become closer to Jesus, this holiday becomes more and more important to me. I pray that this week, we all really dig deep into the Word to find out more about what this week is really means. I have been reading about each day and there is so much you can learn. As children, we hear about Jesus dying for our sins and then “waking up” and going to be with God. But, what did He go through to save us from our sins? Do we really comprehend that He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him(1 Thessalonians 5:10)? That He is coming again for us? What a Glorious Day that will be. If you want a friend to pray for you this week, let me know! Let’s put our focus on our Savior!
P.S. Sorry for the uneven pictures up there! Still learning blogger and Windows Live Writer. Any bloggy tips greatly appreciated!


Courtney Kassner said...

I LOVE those napkin rings! They turned out so great and look like something you would buy at the store!

Nicole said...

I feel like this was an episode of army wives. :) haha! I can't wait to see how your Easter table turns out! I started to set my table on Saturday!