Mar 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

Hellloooo Friday!

Ok, it's not like its been a super hard week but I am still so glad it's Friday. Friday means weekends....Weekends mean my husband doesn't wake up at 4:30 a.m. Mom and Trenton arrived from Mississippi today and we are heading towards a fun weekend with them! I'm linking up with Ashley for some Friday's Letters!

Not so Dear Sore Throat, Seriously? It's been more than a year. Why now? Ok, "grit my teeth and bear it" as my very military minded husband would say. Very Berry Airborne is coming your way, so watch out!

Dear Weather, I hear you are getting warm around here tomorrow. Please allow me get the dogs out of the house for our afternoon walk. They are begging me to go and I just can't do chilly weather. 

Dear Antique Shop, I can't wait to linger through your aisles with my mom and wish my house looked like you. You are so cute!

Dear Rosie, You are seriously the cutest puppy ever. I could snuggle with you all day long. Those blue eyes are turning the prettiest shade of green. Thank you for being the easiest potty training dog ever. You love your mama and love to sit on my feet when I won't put you on the couch beside me. I love your morning wake up whimpers and how excited you are to be up and going! Ok, I need babies. Dog lady getting weird over here.

Dear Husband, I am so proud of you. I love getting to have a "normal" life with you before the next season in our life. I'm kinda finally used to being your wife now. In a good way. I love how my new last name flows out of my mouth without having to think about it. You're cute and I love how you lead me. I am blessed beyond measure.

Sorry so short! About to start Friday's activities with my mom and 6'5" baby bro. You don't know how happy I am that they are here. Soaking in every second of this weekend!

Have a blessed Easter weekend. Remember that His blood covers you. All the "stuff" that comes along with you. He loves you and wants you to be His. My heart is about to bust with joy knowing that He chose me to be His. Thank you, Jesus, for your life.




JPShar said...

Aww, have fun with your mom and brother, say hi to everyone for me!

Amber McCormick said...

love reading about little Rosie!! glad there is someone else as crazy about their puppy as me!! Hope you have a Happy Easter! So glad we serve a God who is Risen!!!!

Marcela Galvez said...

I came across your blog earlier today! Super cute and I've enjoyed everything I've read. I'd like to introduce myself as your newest follower :)

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Hello I am another new follower! I am also a Navy wife! Did you guys just hit shore duty? Anyways can't wait to read more and get to know you better through your blog!!!! Hope you are having a good week!